07 November 2019

All dealerships can benefit from having a loaner program in place. They’re a great bargaining chip when closing Service sales that take a long time to complete, they help with customer retention and they can even increase your dollars per RO...Read More

Loaners are useful, but a little wasteful.
Post by Dave Doff
10 October 2019

Have you ever been called a control freak? If you have, don’t feel bad. There’s a good reason the desire to be in control helps your business succeed — especially for automotive dealers...Read More

Post by Dave Doff
12 September 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Collin Davis, CEO of Cartender, a digital marketing technology company that specializes in scalable, data-driven video content for the automotive industry....Read More

Catching up with Cartender at Digital Dealer 27
Post by Brian Miller
04 September 2019

If you’re a developer, you want to develop your solution on one platform rather than customize it for each software application. Fortellis is the hub for you...Read More

Post by Dave Doff
19 August 2019

Post by Brandon Boyd
15 August 2019

Post by Brandon Boyd
02 August 2019

A busy service lane is a great thing. It means your advisors and managers are selling, building trust with customers from the moment they drive into the service lane....Read More

15 July 2019

You asked the questions and we listned. Here are five great reasons to use Hailer in your dealership's service lane...Read More

Post by Brian Miller
02 July 2019

Hailer, a leading ride sharing app for car dealers, announced a new feature today called Flex Rides, designed to expand customer transportation options and make life easier for professionals inside the car dealership....Read More

Introducing Flex Rides from Hailer
Post by Brian Miller