10 October 2019

You Might Be a Control Freak

But if you're an auto dealer, that's a good thing.

Have you ever been called a control freak? If you have, don’t feel bad. There’s a good reason the desire to be in control helps your business succeed — especially for automotive dealers.

Running a dealership means managing countless moving parts. If you neglect one aspect of your workflow and it causes a problem, that problem can trickle down and ultimately affect your profitability.

Dave Doff

Don’t sweat it, though. New technology solutions exist that enhance control for auto dealers, and the right software can completely refine one or several aspects of your business.

But with the digital age in full swing, “control freak” dealers have a huge number of solutions to choose from. A good place to start is to identify the areas of your business where you most want and need enhanced control.

You want control of your costs

Cost will always be a part of running a business. But you can keep it reined in by working smarter, cutting what’s unnecessary and rethinking how certain facets of your dealership actually work.

Take the Service lane, for example. It’s a great source of revenue — especially when it’s busy. But the costs of keeping it running smoothly can add up.

For instance, when you provide transportation for customers who leave their vehicles for service, you’re either putting them in a loaner, having a shuttle drop them off somewhere or leaving them to their own devices. The insurance, maintenance, staffing and even lost business can add up quickly, eating into more than their share of your Service department’s profitability.

What if there were a way to significantly cut down on these costs?

You want control of your customer's satisfaction

The customer review is king, especially when it comes to generating new leads and earning incentives from OEMs. People will do research online for just about any transaction they’re planning to make, no matter how big or small. This is important to keep in mind for every customer who comes to your dealership, whether they’re purchasing a new car or getting service on the one they already own.

For example, when a customer’s car needs service, the positive experience doesn’t come until the end when the problem is fixed. And sometimes good service takes time, which can lead to lengthy stays in the waiting room.

It doesn’t matter how much fresh coffee you serve or how fast the free Wi-Fi is. Customers in the waiting room would rather be somewhere else. But what other options are there?

Can you protect your CSI score from this customer inconvenience?

You want control of your time

Think about the time you spend managing multiple tech solutions that work independently. You’re logging in, re-entering passwords, clicking verification links and more. Now do it again for every single tech solution you’re running in your dealership, every time you want to use it. You wind up wasting just as much time as you’re saving. While it’s not the biggest inconvenience in the world, those minutes can add up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your solutions could work together?

You want control of your tech systems

With so many tech solutions out there, how can you reap the benefits of the digital age without suffering from inefficiency?

Take a look at the Fortellis platform. It was created for that exact purpose—to streamline dealership technology and help previously independent systems work together seamlessly and automatically.

The latest control-enhancing solution released for dealers is Hailer. This Service lane transportation solution partners with Lyft to let you instantly dispatch a rideshare vehicle for customers while their vehicles are being repaired.

Hailer offers a simplified, fully integrated way to control transportation within your Service department. It streamlines workflows in an efficient and easy-to-use interface that works in harmony with your existing tech systems. It cuts down on Service transportation costs and ensures customers don’t experience long stays in the waiting room.

So the next time someone calls you a “control freak,” take it as a compliment. It just means you’re doing what needs to be done to keep your dealership on the road to success.

To get a taste of what this level of control over your business feels like, sign up for a quick guided tour of Hailer.

Post by Dave Doff