21 March 2018

How can I try out an API?

As a developers we like to see how to interact with an API. We want to know how requests to the API look. We want to see what kind of responses we will be receiving back and what parameters are expected and required. For this reason all of the APIs on the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange allow you to try them out. In just a few minutes and a few short steps you can be sending requests and receiving responses to available APIs right from the Fortellis Developer Network site.

Want to try out our APIs? Follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for an account.
  2. Browse our APIs and see which you would like to try out.
  3. Register a Solution - Registering a solution is how you generate an API Key to access the APIs
  4. Navigate to the API you would like try and select a method to try out
  5. Expand the Header Parameters Section
  6. In the "Choose Solution" dropdown select your solution. This will automatically populate your API Key
  7. Click "Try It Out"
Post by Trentin Priebe