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Julian Birkett
Vehicle Sales APIs

I have been working on exchange as an architect since its original inception. One of my tasks was to build the domain APIs for the sales domain. The original 3 categories we picked were for merchandisable vehicles, quoting and payments. We thought that these were a great start in enabling the end to end commerce that the Exchange was originally conceived for. I worked with a number of industry experts to help build the requirement and with other Exchange architects to ensure we had consistency between our APIs that would give us a great developer experience. I’ve found the best way to test that an API can be utilized is to actually try using it so I wrote a test web site that could consume the APIs. After a few adjustments I’m happy we have a great start to the sales domain APIs and, no doubt, this will expand in the future.

Abram Goldshtein
Great stuff Julian! Thanks
Great stuff Julian! Thanks for posting!

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