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Add line item- Err- verify the changes occured before performing Add Service Line Operation
When trying to add a line item to an RO getting error with the following text- Any pointers on what am i missing? "A change was made to the repair order: xxxxxx earlier, verify the changes occured before performing Add Service Line Operation"     The body is: {     "cause": "Unusual sound occurring when clutch is engaged",     "comebackFlag": false,     "dispatchCode": "S10",     "estimatedDuration": 1.5,     "laborEstimate": 10,     "laborType": "CEC",     "lubeEstimate": 10,     "miscEstimate": 10,     "partsEstimate": 10,     "serviceEstimate": 10,     "serviceRequest": "Investigate sound coming from clutch",     "subletEstimate": 10,     "taxEstimate": 10,     "technicianId": "253",     "laborOperations": [         {             "forceShopChargeFlag": false,             "laborType": "CPT",             "opCode": "D",             "opCodeDesc": "*** CHECK AC BLOWING HOT AIR *** MADE NOISE THEN STARTED BLOWING HOT *",             "soldHours": 0.2,             "saleAmount": 7,             "saleOverrideFlag": false         }     ],     "workorder": {         "printWorkorder": true,         "workorderPrinter": "1",         "workorderCopies": "1",         "partsPrinter": "Spires,Marvin Jerome"     } }

Thank you for reaching out,
Thank you for reaching out, We have reached out directly via email to obtain additional details.

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