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Updating Your App Listing

Once your listing is published it can not be altered. To update your listing create a new version of the listing as a draft by clicking the “Edit” button in the current version.

This new version will begin as a copy of the version you chose to edit. Edit this new version of your listing and when you’re ready, submit for review. Once approved, you can publish this version to the marketplace, replacing the previous version.

Once you are stationeries with the new version of your listing, submit it for review.  Once your new listing version is approved you will be able to publish the update.  This new app listing version will automatically replace the previous version, while preserving all links to the app listing.  

Aravind Ramamoorthy
When we update a listing by

When we update a listing by creating a new version, will activations from the previous version automatically transfer to the new version ?

Thank you for reaching out
Thank you for reaching out Aravind, The subscriptions that are active will not be affected by new version of the APP listing. The app Listing is for advertising your product and activating new dealers.

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