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CDK Neuron Async APIs

Using the CDK Neuron intelligence engine, CDK Neuron Async APIs on Fortellis developers can now subscribe to events, to be delivered as soon as they occur.  This allows developers to more efficiently build workflow driven solutions.  For more information about visit Neuron.ai

Nicolas Cossette
We have started piloting the

We have started piloting the CDK Appointment Async API and we are receiving very positive feedback from our dealers.  Do you have plans of launching the equivalent on the sales side of things from eLead CRM?

Thank you for reaching out.
Thank you for reaching out. We are delighted to hear about the positive feedback regarding the CDK Appointment Async API. At this time, there are no Async APIs being developed in eLead CRM; however, the possibility of such options is being explored by our teams.

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