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New Payment Settling V1.1.1 API

What is Payment Settling V 1.1.1 

This new payment API, built exclusively for the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ gives dealers and customers more options while reducing the time it takes to process payments. 

  • Provides dealers more flexibility and more choices of customer experience solution providers and payment processors they can use. 
  • Eliminates the manual entry of payment information into the CDK DMS and reduces data entry keystroke errors. 
  • Reduces time dealership personnel spend taking payments from customers. 

What is the difference in the latest version of this API? 

Query the amount due for the payment settling request 

  • New endpoint to retrieve exact amount owed by customer (optional for anyone) available 

Do I have to migrate right away? 

There is no need to migrate to the latest version if version 1 meets your current company needs. You can migrate to version V1.1.1 when your business use case requires a change. 

What is the migration process? 

To migrate to the latest version of Payment Settling API, the APP Publisher must take the following steps: 

  • Log into your Fortellis account 
  • Go to APIs directory 
  • Search for Payment Settling 
  • Select the payment settling API 
  • Select the Specification section 
  • On the right-hand side select the version drop down and pick 1.1.1 
  • Your screen will be refreshed with the latest version and its methods. 
    • Make note of new the new method if you wish to utilize in your application
    • Make note of the new URLs for each method for your code change  
  • Complete your internal development and testing. 
  • When you have completed your development and testing

Will the new API work with my existing App? 

Once you have migrated your app to Version 1.1.1 you will be able to invoke the new call to retrieve Repair Order balance.  Please note that all functions of V1 will work on V1.1.1 by simply updating the URL base path. 

How Will this Effect Billing? 

Today pricing remains the same for Payment Settling Version V1.1.1 as the original version.