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Create Repair Order soldHours
Why when I send soldHours for a labor operation, the response I get does not show what I sent?

If the opcode has a default
If the opcode has a default value for flat hours, this value is always used and any value provided in laborOperations SoldHours is ignored. This follows the business case workflow in the Service application UI on the DMS. The function to create a Repair Order does not allow input for the operation Sold Hours and the default flat hours in the opcode is always used. The dealer is able to modify the sold hours on a line at a later time in the PFC function to post final charges to the Repair Order. If the opcode does not have a default value for flat hours, then the Service application on the DMS will accept the input provided in the SoldHours field. This does not explicitly match the DMS UI functionality but also does not appear to cause any unexpected results.

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