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Repair Order APIs
Via the CDKDrive Repair Orders v1 API (or any other for that matter) would it be possible to "close" an RO and mark it as "paid"?

Brandon Boyd
No, the intent of the
No, the intent of the CDKDrive Repair Order API is to create a repair order that would be managed on the CDK DMS system by the end user. Thus it allows create and update, but not the ability to close.

Following up on this question

Following up on this question. Is it possible to mark it as "paid" using the API? 

Marking an RO as "Paid" is
Marking an RO as "Paid" is not a function available within the Repair Order API. If your company is acting as a merchant for the dealer, the Payment Settling function will trigger this effect wne you report a payment. For more information on Payment Settling, check out this API offering: https://apidocs.fortellis.io/specs/bd792bfc-c867-4d7d-9028-d285ba926ff7

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