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Eric Burns
Fortellis Security Enhancements - effective September 27th 2022

API OAuth2 Update Overview

Fortellis continues to strive to provide a reliable, safe, and secure platform for its users. We are pleased to announce new enhancements to our API Developer Network that build on this commitment to security.

What’s New?
Fortellis now captures an additional piece of data with each API request (the clientId) that API Providers can use to ensure the requests an API service receives are being routed through Fortellis. This new flow does not break any existing API usage, rather it provides an additional option (the clientId field), and should the API Provider choose to use it.

What do I need to do?
For publishers of existing APIs or publishing a new API this updated method replaces all previous authentication options, you should update your API to include the latest OAuth2 setting.

Learn More
More information on publishing an API on Fortellis can be found - https://docs.fortellis.io/docs/general/fortellis-updates/updated-securit...