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Albano Stefani
Fortellis Identity Server and CDK CRM Direct Post Sales Leads



I'm bulding an integration to replace ADF lead with direct post to eLeads CRM. I have a few questions related to auth and test data.

1) Do you have a test url for the Fortellis Identity Server?

I've registered an app and the environment value shows "Test" for the app.

I have used the api key and secret to generate abeare token on the prod url here : https://identity.fortellis.io/oauth2/aus1p1ixy7YL8cMq02p7/v1/token and is working like a charm, but I can't test the lead post url here: https://api.fortellis.io/cdk-test/direct-post-leads/elead/v1/sales/ all request have failed especially related toa combination of Provider/Service/Source combo.

2) Do you have a test dealer and a test data provider/service/source I can use to send some test requests to that leads endpoint?