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Existing eLeads CRM Customer OAuth with unpublished app?

I'm a bit confused about how the authentication outlined in the documentation is supposed to work.

Can someone explain how a Dealership would authorize our app?  They have their eLeads CRM login, but no fortellis account to login with at https://accounts.fortellis.io/ and their eLeads login does not work on the "connectCDK" login linked to from that page.



Eric Burns
Hi Allen,
Hi Allen, Welcome to our Fortellis Platform and thank you for your question. As a Fortellis App Publisher, anytime during your development but typically before your Fortellis Application is certified, you will submit a Marketplace Listing. This Marketplace listings can be Public or Private. Public means that anyone can request to subscribe, whereas Private will be invitation. With respect to your question, the "Dealership" would either search and subscribe to your Fortellis Application or the App Publisher would send a link to the "Dealership" for invitation. Today, there are currently no requirements for "Dealerships" or "Consumers" to register with Fortellis in order to subscribe with a Marketplace listing. We hope this helps answer your question. Thanks, Eric

Eric,  thanks for the

Eric,  thanks for the response, but I'm afraid it doesn't quite answer the question I have, but it did provide some insight.

How would I as an existing eLeads CRM customer without a fortellis account authorize the app to access my data?  The OAuth flow sends me to https://accounts.fortellis.io/ which does require a login for either Fortellis or connectCDK.

I am trying to do some testing of an app prior to publishing it, accessing "real" data in an existing eLeads CRM instance, and I cannot figure out how to get the authorization working and get a subscription ID to use in the requests I'm constructing.


Hello Allen,
Hello Allen, You will not be able to access a "real" dealer while developing. Your team would have been provided a sandbox with connection details when your organization signed up to create a Fortellis App. The support team provided in that email would also be able to create data scenarios for you as well, to help you test your development. Regards

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