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Enroll and receive Live Vehicle Inventory updates

Live Vehicle Inventory (LVI) in combination with Vehicle Inventory Cloud (VIC), is a real-time vehicle inventory platform that synchronizes inventory data across OEMs, dealer management systems, 3rd party applications, portals, and dealer websites to ensure that vehicle inventory data is consistent across OEM and channel partner ecosystems.

Rich and robust real-time vehicle inventory data will be delivered to the registered OEM’s channel network through integrations with Live Vehicle Inventory and APIs, like Merchandisable Vehicle Composite, on Fortellis

To complete your enrollment and receive real-time vehicle inventory updates, complete the following steps and become a contributor on Fortellis.

  • Create an Account on Fortellis 
  • Register your Organization on Fortellis
  • Create an App in the Developer Network 
  • Select CDK APIs
    • Gain access to Merchandisable Vehicle Composite (MVC) Private CDK API  
  • Enable MVC API in your Fortellis App to receive VW Inventory Updates 
  • Accept API Terms of Use 
  • Review and Manage Your Marketplace App Listing 

For more information on creating a Fortellis App using Live Vehicle Inventory, download the following document.