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Jed Fletcher
What API's are in production and what do they cost?

I have tried emailing all the different email addresses I have at Fortellis and I am unable to get any response.

I am looking to integrate into the service side of Fortellis as I am presuming that Fortellis can push appointments to the CDK DMS.

Can someone tell me what is active and what costs are involved? 

Brandon Boyd
Hi Jed, sorry to hear about

Hi Jed, sorry to hear about your troubles getting in touch. The CDK Appointments API hasn't been published yet but is in testing mode, so the pricing will likely be released at the same time as the API. We'll post an announement on the Fortellis community as soon as it's available. In the meantime, using the testing tool and the specification published here, you can start to model out who the API will behave once live.  https://developer.fortellis.io/api-reference/vehicle-service/appointment-api

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