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David Mortaz
Appointment API's Return same result on create / fetch


I am trying to create an appointment but it always return the same resulsts . And same whenever I am trying to add customer it also give the same results with customer id 123. 

api's execute successfully no error comes but always getting the same results appointment id 123. 


Can you please guide me why I am getting always same results even fetching / adding appointment and customers? 

your swift response is highly appreciated.

Ian Woolf
Hi David.
Hi David. If you're just using the simulator platform (i.e. making calls with a subscription-id of 'test'), then you will receive example data in response that provides the format of the data you could expect to receive if making a real call. The simulator platform doesn't currently persist data so you aren't able to (for example) create an appointment and then look up the appointment you created.

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