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Agha Ahmed
How to create acces token?

I want to create an access token to access  the API (only for test data),

But I don't see any documentation for the regarding same?

As per the mentioned the doc we came to know that fortellis is using facebook and google authentication method for oauth2.0.

But we unable to create token by using https://api.fortellis.io/oauth/token or https://api.fortellis.io/oauth2/token end points.

Please let us know the endpoint to create the token. 

Ian Woolf
Hi Agha,
Hi Agha, Depending on which OAuth flow you want to use, you need to call either https://identity.fortellis.io/oauth2/aus1p1ixy7YL8cMq02p7/v1/token (for the client credentials flow), or https://identity.fortellis.io/oauth2/aus1p1ixy7YL8cMq02p7/v1/authorize (for the Authorization Code Grant or Implicit flows). The client id and secret should be the API Key and API Secret of your Fortellis app respectively. There is a guide to using the Implicit flow, including a sample app you can clone and modify, here: https://community.fortellis.io/community/blog/acquiring-oauth-tokens-implicit-flow.

Brandon Boyd
Thanks Ian
Thanks Ian

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