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Brian Dilley
How long does my api provider have after receiving an "activate" call to make the "connection" callback call

The admin API at https://docs.fortellis.io/docs/api-provider/integration/admin-api/ has a very clear sequence diagram on the "activate" call that is made to API providers when a user selects my provider for an app.  The final step is when my api makes a call back to Fortellis to confirm this connection.  I'm wondering how long I have to make that call back. 

I ask this question because my API provider requires a lot of information that isn't provided via the connection API (or other APIs for that matter).  Basically we will need a customer service representative to call the dealership and gather some information for creating and configuring their account before we can make the conneciton callback.  After the information is gathered our customer service rep will use an internal tool to confirm the account at which point the connection confirmation callback to fortellis will be made - is this a valid workflow?

Also, what information (if any) should be returned by the activate endpoint since I am unable to activate the dealership's account at that point?  The activate endpoint expects a return of LinkDescriptionObjects (entity descriptors) yet my system will not have any organizations to describe yet.

Ian Woolf
Hi Brian,
Hi Brian, Your workflow is perfectly valid - there is no time limit on making the call back to Fortellis to accept the connection. This flow was explicitly designed to work in an asynchronous manner as we recognise that many of our providers will require some manual intervention to onboard customers. You do not need to return any message body to the /activate call. Fortellis will interpret any response with a HTTP code of 200 as the provider accepting the request for a connection, and Fortellis will mark this connection as pending until the callback is received. Hope this helps. Ian

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