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Tim Marks
Is Merchandisable Vehicles Search API ready?

Hi guys!

I am trying to test the Merchandisable Vehicles Search API from https://developer.fortellis.io/api-reference/merchandisable-vehicles-composite/get/v2/vehicles/search

When I input our apikey in the Header Parameters and click 'Try It Out' I am getting 400 -  invalid account id as the response.

Here is an example curl:

curl -X GET --header "apikey: <your_api_key>" --header "Subscription-Id: test" "https://api.fortellis.io/sales/inventory/merchandisable-vehicles-composite/v2/vehicles/search?zip=92... -v

What am I doing wrong?

Anthony Parente
Hi Tim,

Hi Tim,

We are still making changes to Merchandisable Vehicles Composite V2.

You can test using Merchandisable Vehicles V1.  

  Create an app with 'Merchandisable Vehicles V1' and copy your apikey

  Go to API

  Go to Vehicle Sales

  Go to Merchandisable Vehicles API

  Go to Merchandisable Vehicles

  Select an End Point

  Enter Header Parameters (apikey from your App and 'test' for Subscription-Id)

  Hit 'Try it Out'




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