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Recommendations on developing a PoC

We've got a number of CDK customers looking for a more direct integration.  We've explored the APIs and can see lots of ways our platform could connect and help out CDK customers.

I'm trying to understand though what is neccessary to really work through building and bring those solutions to market.  My ideal flow would be something along the lines of:

1. Map out various API endpoints/plans using the Fortellis platform + docs (done)

2. Recruit a pilot set of our existing customer base to take part in a PoC integration (done)

2. Publish a private app that allows us to poke production data for those pilot customers and understand if our plans in 1 are viable.  Our team has done a number of integrations and we tend to want to get to production data to develop against as soon as possible.

3. Iterate further on our pilot functionality and API integrations

4. yada yada yada, eventually we think we've hit a commercial quality + value that we go live in the Fortellis store.

Does the app review process support this approach?