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Kelsey Kruzel
What questions do you have about Fortellis?

Fortellis has been up and running for almost a month now! As you have begun to play around within the development environment, what questions do you have? 

Tyler Makin
How do we get the `exchange

How do we get the `exchange-org-id ` for an organization?

Abram Goldshtein
Tyler thank you for the
Tyler thank you for the question and testing out the APIs! The Exchange-org-Id is a key value that is associated with the respective data organization (Dealer/OEM etc...) that a Fortellis API is connecting to. When you build an app, you will need to contract with the corresponding data organization for authorization. This functionality will be made available to a user via the Fortellis Marketplace, however as the Marketplace target launch is in the coming months, the Fortellis Apps Engineering team can build the EOID for you after the proper authorization agreement has been filled out. I will have a member of the Fortellis business team reach out to you to discuss this process and the next steps. Thank you, -Abram

Louis-Philippe ...


We are thiking of going fortellis for the integration of our in-house software. We can't find the information of how we can pull the customers and vehicles informations. How does it translate from one system to the other? Is there anybody we can talk to?



Jose Paez
Thanks for contacting us, can
Thanks for contacting us, can you please provide specifics on what customer and vehicle information you were trying to pull? Were you looking to use one of the APIs posted in Fortellis or were you looking to publish your own API?

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