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Fortellis DNP Release 06.23.2022

- - Planned release date is July 7 2022  - -

The Fortellis Developer Network provides API Developers and App Developers with a platform to build and market Apps and APIs for the dealership vertical.  The platform provides APIs created by CDK and other 3rd-party developers can leverage to create innovative new applications for dealers and OEMs.  The latest release for DNP (Developer Network Portal) includes the following enhancements: 


  New APP Registration Flow - Simplifying the process for a better user experience and providing the App Publisher the ability discover and add APIs to apps, to test out use cases.  Once ready, the app can then be published for sale in the Fortellis Marketplace.

  • New APP Search Functions – Search tool lets the developer locate the right API by title, key word or via advanced filters on the left of the screen. 

  • API Enablement – APIs are now enabled within the app without the need to first create an App listing for Marketplaces.  

  • App Listing Versioning – When creating a new version of an App listing, you no longer need to re-enable the API to publish updates.

  • More details can be found in the latest version of the Fortellis App Publishing Guide 

  Please Note - While you can register most apps with the updated flow, you may need to use the legacy app registration flow to complete the API configurations for existing Apps currently in development. If you do not see an APIs tab, then click Next after entering your App details to get to the app's API configuration flow.