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Marketplace Release

The Fortellis Marketplaces is where developers publish listings for Apps using Fortellis APIS for integrations.  Dealers can quickly discover Apps that meet their needs and see how they are integrated with the systems thy currency use.

Marketplace Store Front Marketplace now uses a new no radial design to improve performance and rendering across all devises.  All functional elements including search and filtering are unchanged.

  • Dealers can search by Key Word for your listings
  • Dealers can discover app listings with filters by Category, Publisher’s name or by System Integration
  • Each card provides an app logo, name, publisher name, brief description, and assigned application category.


App Listings Details Listing detilas pages are updated to provide the App Buyer enhanced display formatting and user flow across devises.  App listing navigation has changed to the following:

  • Overview – This default loading view include the following elements in order:
    • Brief Description
    • Detailed Description
    • App Videos
    • App Image Gallery
    • App Highlights
    • App Features


  • API Integration – Lists all Fortellis APIs being used by the app


  • Documents – Include link to any supported documents provided by the app publisher along with support contact methods


  • Reviews – Contains a list of dealer reviews of the app