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Marketplace Release

The Fortellis Marketplaces is where developers publish listings for Apps using Fortellis APIS for integrations.  Dealers can quickly discover Apps that meet their needs and see how they are integrated with the systems thy currency use.

Marketplace Store Front Enhancements

New enablement listings for Marketplace App listings, allow API connections to Apps to be Activated by authorized CDK Connect dealer users:

  • The purple action button in your listing has changed from "Subscribe" to "Activate"
  • Publishers no longer need to provide pricing or terms of use agreements to publish a listing in Marketplace
  • Less steps are needed for dealers to Activate API connections to their system ​

Marketplace Publisher Enhancements

As a publisher of an App listing the following changes have been made to make publishing an App listing better:

  • Added the ability for the App Publisher to add additional emails in their Marketplace App Listing so when a Dealer subscribes the additional emails (Up to 5) will receive notification
  • Added the ability for the App Publisher to provide a separate email in Fortellis App Listing that will be used to send outage messages to the App Publisher from Fortellis