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Robert Wooden
Need active car deal APIs

When will the following APIs be available:

  • Deal #
  • Buyer Full Name
  • Buyer Address
  • Buyer Phone #
  • Buyer Email Address
  • Buyer Date of Birth
  • Co Buyer Full Name
  • Co Buyer  Address
  • Co Buyer Phone #
  • Co Buyer  Email Address
  • Co Buyer  Date of Birth
  • Vin #

Abram Goldshtein
Hello Robert,
Hello Robert, The "Deal" API spec with the type of data you are referring to is actively in development and will be presented within our Sales Domain. We anticipate having a spec available in the near future, however I do not have a date available for you at this time. I will make a note of your request for this type of API and send you an update as soon the date is finalized. Thank you for registering and we look forward to working with you to build this out! -Abram

Julian Birkett


The Deal API definition has been completed  and we are working to get this attached to customer systems. See https://developer.fortellis.io/api-reference/vehicle-sales/deals-api to get the detail of the API content and https://docs.fortellis.io/docs/quickstart/guides/deal-quickstart/ for how to utilise it.




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