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Listing Images Best Practices

An image really is worth a thousand words, and with the right images your listing stands better chance of converting into a sale.   The listing below for Haile Rides shows how images help tell the story:


This begins with an eye-popping logo, leading to good video thumbnails and finally an image gallery depicting your app in action.  We recommend a featured image and at least 3 gallery images to fill the page.  These images can be taken from existing marketing martials and your website to allow dealer to take ownership of your solution.  

Images submitted in your listings should always be in a .jpg or .png format at an aspect ratio of 16:9.  with the optimum size being 922px X 518px -  download a sample image tile

  • Feature Image will always appear in position 1 in your image gallery on the far left in PC and top in mobile displays.  We recommend this image contain a recognizable company or solution logo so that users may be able to identify your solution quickly.  
  • Gallery Images all follow the same size or aspect ratio and will appear in the order of your choice after the featured image.  These images often depict users working with your product or screen shots demonstrating key features.